These are the two main ways you can sell your home as fast as possible.

Do you need to sell your home ASAP? There are plenty of reasons why a homeowner might need to sell their home immediately, whether they changed jobs, need their equity, or just want to skip the hassle of a sale. Whatever your reason is, what can you do to spend as little time selling your house as possible? 

Home sellers who need to move quickly have two main options: using an all-cash offer program or listing with an agent who knows how to sell fast. 

All-cash offer programs have no strings attached; they’ll take your home off your hands before you can blink. You don’t have to worry about long waiting periods, inspections, showings, appraisals, or anything else that might gum up a sale. Around 87% of buyers finance their home purchases, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it leaves a lot of room for things to go wrong. An all-cash offer lets you skip the hassle entirely. 

“Good agents know tons of tricks to help you sell as fast as possible with the least amount of work.”

However, there are some cons to all-cash offers. Most of these offers come from investors, which means they’re trying to make a profit from your property. They likely won’t offer you full market value for your home; in fact, they may try to flip it as soon as you close. All-cash offers are as convenient as it gets—unfortunately, you may have to pay for that convenience in the final sales price. 

If you need to sell quickly but want to receive the most money possible, working with an experienced real estate professional is your best bet. They know tons of tricks to help you sell as fast as possible with the least amount of work. While your sale might not be as fast as using a cash-offer program, many sellers are surprised by how quickly they can sell if they use the right strategy. 

For example, one of the best ways to sell your home fast on the open market is to price it competitively. That means your agent might suggest pricing your property slightly below market value. It may sound odd, but the attractive price point will bring in lots of buyers, which will increase competition and naturally drive up the price. Plus, you’ll be more likely to receive a cash offer. 

Your agent might also suggest cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing. The easier it is for buyers to picture themselves living in your home, the faster it will sell. Similarly, curb appeal is crucial. First impressions matter, so if you tidy up your yard, you’ll receive a better deal. Finally, buyers love financial incentives. Offering to help pay closing costs or a transferable home warranty could convince a buyer to close as soon as possible. 

Whichever route is best for you, I would love to help. Just call or email me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!