Four things you can do to have a smoother transaction as a seller.

Even though we’re in a seller’s market, selling can sometimes be overcomplicated and stressful. To help you to have a simple, straightforward transaction, here are four tips for selling your home in 2022:

1. Don’t wait for rates to get too high. Rates are currently around 4.95%, and they’re still rising. Volatile interest rates can affect buyer psychology. If rates get too high, it could make buyers a little shy, causing them to wait for rates to go back down before buying.

2. Keep tabs on your competition. Make sure you know what’s happening in your neighborhood, including all the sold properties that are comparable to yours. Find out what they’re selling for and how long the days on market are.

“Volatile interest rates can affect buyer psychology.”

3. Invest in repairs over upgrades. If you have a perfectly good kitchen, you don’t need to switch the cabinets out for the latest and greatest. Instead, repair things that need to be done like plumbing and electrical items.

4. Partner up with a local real estate agent. Work with an agent who knows the neighborhood and how to market your property to make it stand out, drive up demand, and get top dollar.

If you know anyone else who is curious about making a move, or if you’d like more tips on getting your home sold, call or text me at (407) 385-0052. I look forward to hearing from you.